Christmas Anyway ft. Hannah Flores Lyrics

frm: Jose Mari Chan: Going Home to Christmas Album

a song that resonates my feeling this Christmas of 2014. Dedicated to all those who miss someone terribly this Christmas :’)

We don’t need Yuletide lights aglow,
There’s no need for silver bells or mistletoe,
Never mind what months or days,
Every day is a holiday,
When you’re here it’s Christmas anyway,

We don’t the tensile or the tree,
All I need right now is simply you and me,
We don’t need holly, or a reindeer or a sleigh,
When you’re here it’s Christmas anyway.

Now that Christmas time is almost here,
And all I want is just to have you near,
When you’re here, and here to stay,
Every day is Christmas day,

We don’t need the carols or the snow,
Just be by my side and please don’t ever go,
I need you with me, so please come home today,
And we’ll make it Christmas anyway,

Yes, we’ll make it Christmas every day.

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Ode to Self

This is the only way I know how to live,

This is where I know I can remain intact,

Where I can hold my sanity,

In a world where everything hangs by a thread,

Like a house of cards where everything can crumble at any moment,


When the greatest suffering is suffering in silence,

When the loudest screams are the ones left unheard,

And the greatest wounds are the one which doesn’t bleed,

And that you come to realize that she is what you need,



When everything is uncertain and all will be forgotten,

What’s the point, and why keep dreaming?

When nothing is really mine, and nothing is for me to keep,

There are nights that tears dry up in while I am asleep.


When you happily gave what you can give,

And almost all the time it still is not enough,

Still continue to give until somehow nothing is left

Going and pushing, exhausting the last breath.



I guess I live in order not to regret,

To serve and to love with all my mind and heart,

To be fully human even if it not fully happy,

At least I’m contributing, and loving wholeheartedly, 

To burn out my light, even if there’s nothing left for me.



Maybe to just fade away smiling with tears in my eye,

Hoping you’d be there where I rest, where I may lie.


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Just when I felt like this you had to go,

Should have made every effort to be with you.

But at least I know it’s only temporary

You’ll be back and that keeps my sanity

Tried to say I’m ok

But a part of me aches seeing you leave

I felt I haven’t said everything I need to say

And I have not given all I could give.

It’s what they say that regrets come last

I pray that time would stay true to its motto

That is time flies so fast

But now, I don’t really know what to do

You have become one of my dreams

A part I can’t live without, so it seems

A part of me feels missing too,

Because a piece of me you took it with you

You have become my prayer

A chance to believe in forever

How I come it took me so long to see

How much you meant to me

I guess somehow I took it for granted

caused you tears and gave you pain

I realize now that you’re all I ever wanted

A place to come after the rain

And to have you back in my arms again..




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When Words Loose their Essence

In the pursuit of an endless quest;
In the rubbles of broken hopes and dreams,
Words loose their meaning
To the deafening silence of emptiness..

Boiling blood dictates a rush of sadness,
A raging heart dictates a pulse of madness.
A force which drives extinction,
Bringing oblivion to all creation..

A battle starts within, tears of an angry rain
A life that lost its essence
Like leaves that ceased to be evergreen
A prayer that failed to reach the heavens.

A white flag drenched in crimson blood,
A love that ended before it can start
Thus, there’s no words left to utter
Only tears left to herald a surrender

A pain resonating in eternity
Dreaming of a slumber to forever
A rest from the strife,
An eternal drought to the fountain of life.

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Realizations of a 26 year old.

(I’m writing this after going down Capitol Hills for a talk. These thoughts came to me while riding on a habal2x which was somehow a near death experience. The cold night’s air and the wind blowing on my face stirred emotions upon knowing something on my birthday.. A not-so-pleasant feeling plus the earthquake that just occurred. Realizations about life and love and things in between)

*No matter how much you try to mend a someone else’s broken heart, no matter what you do sometimes it’s just not enough. Simply because you are not the person whom they necessary need. For the person who can heal a broken heart is oftentimes the one who caused it. Only few can really mend themselves, and somehow I’m one of them.

*Find your center. Find what you existence means, for no matter what sh*t that may come your way, no won’t get lost.

*Be at terms with death while young. Though hard, but it’s liberating to know that you are ready to go anytime.

*Learn to let go when needed. Hold on to the things that are really important but it’s useless to hold to something which can never be yours.

*Distance yourself that diminishes your self worth. Never be a “tap-in-the-gap” a band-aid solution to something or an alternative to someone. Though you want to help but the pain affects your self-respect.

*That in all things there’s always a silver lining. That no matter how f*cked up things may get, things are better in the horizon and things ain’t that bad once you see the bigger picture.

Deo, optimo, maximo!

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Talisaynons Train SCUBA Diving at Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte


Day 1: July 14, 2013

After doing an overnight talk at Villa Azela Resort, Cordova with the Working Scholars of UCLM I immediately flew back to Talisay at around 7am in order to catch up with the team bound for Gutalac, Zamboanga del Norte. Surprisingly, I reached Talisay in just an hour of travel which was pretty fast despite my far distance. So I arrived home packed my things and off to our rendezvous point. We boarded Ceres Bus bound for Samboan, Lilo-an port going to the Port of Dumaguete. From the Port we were bound to Dapitan, which was a 3hour and a half boat ride. When we reached Dapitan around 8:40 PM and we were picked by PENRO Sir Almario. We were brought to Dipolog where we had dinner, and then from there it was a 4hour ride going to Gutalac. It was around 10PM when we started our travel, the night was cold and the air passing through the van brought relief to the tight sitting condition we were in. We had many stops, and our first stop was at Sindangan to have coffee and our last stop was at the residence of the CENRO where we had coffee again and did stretching due to the cramped sitting position. We arrived in Maja Beach resort around 3:30AM of July 15, 2013 and after entering our rooms we immediately went to sleep. That was the 1st day.

Day 2: July 15, 2013


The second was allotted on the basics of Scuba Diving, a day with lectures on the identification of scuba gears, mechanics of pressure and dive tables done by Talisay City Aquanauts Divemaster Phimark Pablio. I did the lecture on dive tables and I was a bit surprised because I thought that I have already forgotten it. In the afternoon was the actual hands-on on how to assemble the scuba gears We had 15 particpants coming from the PNP, Bantay Dagat and fishermen of Barangay Labason and Barangay Vicenso Sagun. This day wasn’t really tedious but it was still a learning experience.

Day 3: July 16, 2013.

The morning of day was allotted for the lecture on how to do Underwater Assessment done by the Chief of the Coastal and Marine Management Division of DENR VII Edmundo Arregadas. Afterwards in the afternoon, basic swimming skills were trained to the participants in order for them to be more adept to the demands on moving underwater while SCUBA Diving. Then followed by the basic SCUBA drills and skills which is a requirement to all Open Water Divers done by Talisay City Aquanauts Dive Instructor Anthony “Bong” Nator. Below are the skills needed to be learned:

  • Assembly of SCUBA unit
  • Water entry such the front roll, back roll side roll, front fall entry and giant stride
  • Body breathing procedures with hand signals
  • Mask clearing
  • Proper finning with proper execution upon reaching shallow waters
  • Buoyancy control
  • Removal and replacement of SCUBA Unit
  • Free Emergency Ascent

Day 4: July 17, 2013

This day was the official check out of the participants wherein they will execute the skills in real sea water at around at least 30 ft. We had our dive in the marine sanctuary of Murcellagos Island, a beautiful island with white sand shores; it is the protected landscape and sea scape with an official site. As usual, I did the underwater photography and at the same time I assisted in the drills underwater looking after participants who might find difficulty being underwater and to prevent damage to corals caused by neophyte divers who can’t properly carry themselves in water. The day finished with everyone being able to perform the drills satisfactorily.

Day 5: July 18, 2013

The last day of the Open Water SCUBA Diving Training organized by DENR-CMMD Region IX wherein the participants get to experience a real open water dive through another part of the Murcellagos Island sanctuary. As expected I felt a unique kind of joy seeing life hidden by the sea and a unique joy doing underwater photography in the amazing seascape. I was given a special mission to take extensive photos of the coral nursery of DENR Region IX in the area, and off course I willingly took the job. With the use of my new fins the Mares Plana Avanti Quattro I accelerated in the water without much effort and got to the nursery in no time. In the nursery I saw amazing fish colonies and massive coral structures like the huge table coral, on site I took the best pictures I could despite the low air. After check out dive the participants did a little fish assessment simulation in the shore.

As the day ended we went back to the resort with an amazing sunset at our horizon, and in this moment I felt something different and this realization came to me;

“The world is truly a wonderful place despite its imperfections, especially the world under the sea. I somehow realize that my life will be spent for the purpose of protecting and documenting the world underwater in order to show the land its beauty and also its problems with the goal of mobilizing more people to take part in saving themselves by saving the oceans”


PS: YOu can know more about Murcielagos Island by visiting this link:

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The Pains of an Advocate

Ive’d always held to the belief that living for a greater purpose and calling would lead to a happier life, but as I went along I have come to realize that it’s not always the case.

An advocate is someone who champions a cause and someone who labors for that elusive dream of positive change. They are well-motivated and deeply driven people with a strong compassion for the welfare of others. They are of the idealist temperament which is the rarest of all the temperament types by Kersey and Briggs. They have a strong sense of self-identity and a firm sense of self-respect. All of this may sound very good to the ears, but advocates  have very complex  inner worlds.
Based on a very personal level here are some of the untold pains and struggles that has beset me as an advocate:
  1. Everything you are working for has no assurance of success. There is nothing sure in what an advocate tries to do.
  2. The personal sacrifices, the things you choose to give up, and money you spent, may not mean any thing at all.
  3. Unappreciated despite the good you’ve done.
  4. No matter how many people may praise for the things you’ve done, most of the time you are all alone.
  5. Many advocates are always low on the subject of love and relationship. Though many find advocates fun to be with, but don’t necessarily understand.
  6. Advocates have to be their own best friend, because not many can feel the pain of idealist when times get rough.
  7. Lastly, they have no choice but to be strong, no matter how much pain they’re feeling. So much rests on their shoulders and their burdens are only theirs and only theirs to carry. They have to continue pressing on, not because they have to, but because it’s the right thing to. Because if no one will do it, who will?
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