I am a crack, a patch and a keygen!


A computer is pretty much-like modern society. The computer has a lot of programs/applications that allows computer to do certain tasks. The programs/applications are the people in a society that perform specific tasks also. There are applications that are immediately perceived as important just like MS Office, Nero Burning software, Adobe Photoshop and etc. the same as there are people immediately perceived as important because of their functions like the government officials and others.

There are also applications that are not immediately seen as important, such as explorer.exe, winlogon.exe and dwm.exe that run pretty much of the interfacing, program installations and opening and closing files and browser etc. in the computer ecosystem. These are the people that are not often acknowledged but do pretty much of the important work in the society, these are cashiers, policemen, social workers, teachers. They are not known by many but they make world go round.

Finally there are programs outside the computer and outside the usual recognized applications, and these are the cracks, the patch and the keygens. They are made by hackers responsible for cracking programs thus allowing you to use programs to its full capacity without paying. Some may have viruses but there are those that do not cause actual harm to the computer but most antivirus sees them as potential threats because they “do actions not normal to a computer system”.  Some like the cracks patch and keygens in the computer do contain viruses the same with people, not all serve a good purpose so still be careful.  But generally, these are the people who live outside the norms, the people who are seen as “unusual” because of the things they do and what they believe in. Some of them are even seen as potential threats due to hassles they sometimes cause and irregularities that they cause. These are the people who make difficult things happen and these are the advocates. But majority these are the change-makers and the game-changers. The people not restricted by conventional thinking but fueled by purpose and meaning!

By: Rex Villavelez


About rexvillavelez

Marine Researcher Underwater Photographer College Instructor Research Specialist Advocate/Leader
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