The Pains of an Advocate

Ive’d always held to the belief that living for a greater purpose and calling would lead to a happier life, but as I went along I have come to realize that it’s not always the case.

An advocate is someone who champions a cause and someone who labors for that elusive dream of positive change. They are well-motivated and deeply driven people with a strong compassion for the welfare of others. They are of the idealist temperament which is the rarest of all the temperament types by Kersey and Briggs. They have a strong sense of self-identity and a firm sense of self-respect. All of this may sound very good to the ears, but advocates  have very complex  inner worlds.
Based on a very personal level here are some of the untold pains and struggles that has beset me as an advocate:
  1. Everything you are working for has no assurance of success. There is nothing sure in what an advocate tries to do.
  2. The personal sacrifices, the things you choose to give up, and money you spent, may not mean any thing at all.
  3. Unappreciated despite the good you’ve done.
  4. No matter how many people may praise for the things you’ve done, most of the time you are all alone.
  5. Many advocates are always low on the subject of love and relationship. Though many find advocates fun to be with, but don’t necessarily understand.
  6. Advocates have to be their own best friend, because not many can feel the pain of idealist when times get rough.
  7. Lastly, they have no choice but to be strong, no matter how much pain they’re feeling. So much rests on their shoulders and their burdens are only theirs and only theirs to carry. They have to continue pressing on, not because they have to, but because it’s the right thing to. Because if no one will do it, who will?

About rexvillavelez

Marine Researcher Underwater Photographer College Instructor Research Specialist Advocate/Leader
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