Realizations of a 26 year old.

(I’m writing this after going down Capitol Hills for a talk. These thoughts came to me while riding on a habal2x which was somehow a near death experience. The cold night’s air and the wind blowing on my face stirred emotions upon knowing something on my birthday.. A not-so-pleasant feeling plus the earthquake that just occurred. Realizations about life and love and things in between)

*No matter how much you try to mend a someone else’s broken heart, no matter what you do sometimes it’s just not enough. Simply because you are not the person whom they necessary need. For the person who can heal a broken heart is oftentimes the one who caused it. Only few can really mend themselves, and somehow I’m one of them.

*Find your center. Find what you existence means, for no matter what sh*t that may come your way, no won’t get lost.

*Be at terms with death while young. Though hard, but it’s liberating to know that you are ready to go anytime.

*Learn to let go when needed. Hold on to the things that are really important but it’s useless to hold to something which can never be yours.

*Distance yourself that diminishes your self worth. Never be a “tap-in-the-gap” a band-aid solution to something or an alternative to someone. Though you want to help but the pain affects your self-respect.

*That in all things there’s always a silver lining. That no matter how f*cked up things may get, things are better in the horizon and things ain’t that bad once you see the bigger picture.

Deo, optimo, maximo!


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Marine Researcher Underwater Photographer College Instructor Research Specialist Advocate/Leader
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