When Words Loose their Essence

In the pursuit of an endless quest;
In the rubbles of broken hopes and dreams,
Words loose their meaning
To the deafening silence of emptiness..

Boiling blood dictates a rush of sadness,
A raging heart dictates a pulse of madness.
A force which drives extinction,
Bringing oblivion to all creation..

A battle starts within, tears of an angry rain
A life that lost its essence
Like leaves that ceased to be evergreen
A prayer that failed to reach the heavens.

A white flag drenched in crimson blood,
A love that ended before it can start
Thus, there’s no words left to utter
Only tears left to herald a surrender

A pain resonating in eternity
Dreaming of a slumber to forever
A rest from the strife,
An eternal drought to the fountain of life.


About rexvillavelez

Marine Researcher Underwater Photographer College Instructor Research Specialist Advocate/Leader
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