Just when I felt like this you had to go,

Should have made every effort to be with you.

But at least I know it’s only temporary

You’ll be back and that keeps my sanity

Tried to say I’m ok

But a part of me aches seeing you leave

I felt I haven’t said everything I need to say

And I have not given all I could give.

It’s what they say that regrets come last

I pray that time would stay true to its motto

That is time flies so fast

But now, I don’t really know what to do

You have become one of my dreams

A part I can’t live without, so it seems

A part of me feels missing too,

Because a piece of me you took it with you

You have become my prayer

A chance to believe in forever

How I come it took me so long to see

How much you meant to me

I guess somehow I took it for granted

caused you tears and gave you pain

I realize now that you’re all I ever wanted

A place to come after the rain

And to have you back in my arms again..





About rexvillavelez

Marine Researcher Underwater Photographer College Instructor Research Specialist Advocate/Leader
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