Ode to Self

This is the only way I know how to live,

This is where I know I can remain intact,

Where I can hold my sanity,

In a world where everything hangs by a thread,

Like a house of cards where everything can crumble at any moment,


When the greatest suffering is suffering in silence,

When the loudest screams are the ones left unheard,

And the greatest wounds are the one which doesn’t bleed,

And that you come to realize that she is what you need,



When everything is uncertain and all will be forgotten,

What’s the point, and why keep dreaming?

When nothing is really mine, and nothing is for me to keep,

There are nights that tears dry up in while I am asleep.


When you happily gave what you can give,

And almost all the time it still is not enough,

Still continue to give until somehow nothing is left

Going and pushing, exhausting the last breath.



I guess I live in order not to regret,

To serve and to love with all my mind and heart,

To be fully human even if it not fully happy,

At least I’m contributing, and loving wholeheartedly, 

To burn out my light, even if there’s nothing left for me.



Maybe to just fade away smiling with tears in my eye,

Hoping you’d be there where I rest, where I may lie.



About rexvillavelez

Marine Researcher Underwater Photographer College Instructor Research Specialist Advocate/Leader
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