Christmas Anyway ft. Hannah Flores Lyrics

frm: Jose Mari Chan: Going Home to Christmas Album

a song that resonates my feeling this Christmas of 2014. Dedicated to all those who miss someone terribly this Christmas :’)

We don’t need Yuletide lights aglow,
There’s no need for silver bells or mistletoe,
Never mind what months or days,
Every day is a holiday,
When you’re here it’s Christmas anyway,

We don’t the tensile or the tree,
All I need right now is simply you and me,
We don’t need holly, or a reindeer or a sleigh,
When you’re here it’s Christmas anyway.

Now that Christmas time is almost here,
And all I want is just to have you near,
When you’re here, and here to stay,
Every day is Christmas day,

We don’t need the carols or the snow,
Just be by my side and please don’t ever go,
I need you with me, so please come home today,
And we’ll make it Christmas anyway,

Yes, we’ll make it Christmas every day.


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