• Research Specialist · Cebu City
    Research Specialist at SWU Center for Research and Evaluation (CREV)
    • Statistics and Data Analysis
    • Lecturer and Speaker on Youth Development
  • 9th National Youth Parliament

    Vice President · 2012 to 2014
  • Talisay Aquanauts

    Research Diver · 2010 to 2012 · Talisay, Cebu
  • PYA Talisay

    Founding President / Former President / Board of Trustee · 2007 to 2012 · Talisay, Cebu
    Community Youth Development
  • Southwestern University

    Biiology faculty · Jun 2010 to Mar 2011 · Cebu City
    Full Time Faculty teaching Zoo1, Chem 1, Nat. Sci2, Plant Physiology…

    The youngest and the sole Male Faculty of the Biology Dept.

  • University of San Jose Recoletos

    High School Science Teacher · Jul 2008 to Mar 2009 · Cebu City
  • USJR Boy Scout Unit

    Senior Training Officer · 2006 to 2008 · Cebu City
    Facilitate Trainings

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